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Your Beliefs Are Your Superpower!

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Beliefs are empowering but only when your beliefs come from a place of awareness.

The reality is we all have beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us. If you feel stuck in your business in any way, chances are that you are holding on to limiting beliefs or as I call them Low-Value beliefs, which are preventing you from taking action.

Remember you are not super-human ...... and you cannot control negative beliefs and stop them from coming into your mind .... it's just how your brain works. BUT what you do have is control over how you manage those beliefs as they come in .......and I view that as your Super Power. It is absolutely possible to manage what you put your focus on and in turn create for yourself a new reality, that's why I call it your superpower.

So, for a minute, stop and think about something you have been putting a negative belief behind and how you can change that low-value belief into a high-value belief for action.

For example..... most coaches I talk to about charging the value of their service take on the belief of "my clients won't pay my new pricing". That's a negative belief right there, when you state this to yourself you have decided that you will believe that, therefore it makes you feel uncertain when you are on discovery calls with potential clients, updating your website with your offer and over all subconsciously holding yourself back from talking about your service and signing on new clients.


So every time the thought of "my clients won't pay my new pricing" comes to mind .... STOP!! Physically say out loud or write down a new empowering belief around your pricing. For example: "My pricing reflects the value and transformation my client gets from working with me as their coach". Can you see how much more powerful that is. (if you need to do work on your belief about the value you offer in your service.....let's talk about that by messaging the words Know My Value via my Instagram DM HERE).

You get to decide what you believe......not anyone else! Once you hold on to this powerful belief everything else starts to change. Let's take the example we mentioned above. Once you have a high-value belief around the investment your clients pay for your coaching, your confidence is sky-high and NOTHING can stop you from talking about your service and inviting potential clients into your programmes and offers.

Because.... your belief switches from not being about you ... and is now focused on your client's result. In turn your potential client's confidence in you grows too because the vibration you are giving off is of complete confidence in your offer......then you sign on your next and next and next client.

WOW!!! From one belief changed from a low-value belief to a high-value belief so much can change!

When you start to become aware of your beliefs on a daily basis and listen to what you are saying to and about yourself, you can start working on replacing your beliefs with more supportive beliefs and step into a new reality around what you can achieve.


Taking action on your new belief is where you give it power. Once you start to see the evidence around your new belief and what you CAN accomplish you will build confidence and trust in yourself for the next step and the next step of your journey. Watch yourself as you and your business grow.

With repetition and consistency, you will have successfully replaced a limiting belief with an empowering one, yes of course it takes time and LOTS of effort, but it is so worth it!!

The key takeaway here is that High-Value beliefs are empowering. The only way you can start strengthening these beliefs within yourself is to be aware of them first. The more aware you are of your own inner dialogue, the more empowered you become to replace the limiting beliefs with new, more powerful guiding beliefs.

So ..... it's your turn... don't just take this information and nod and agree. Set out to use your super-power, your beliefs. Note where you are holding yourself back ..... create a new empowering belief and keep on making an IMPACT!



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