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Get ready to remove money blocks, create a new, empowering money story and own your worth!


Coaching together, we’ll create a fresh, empowering success mindset for you — shifting your beliefs and actions in the process — so you quickly begin creating new and exciting results in your business.  This VIP day is 3.5 hours. 

It's your time....



1 - Make your payment 

2 - Choose your date with the diary link on the confirmation page

3 - Get ready for a mindset shift!

Take a look at what we’ll coach on:

Release limiting money beliefs and transform the negative self-talk that has held you back from achieving your full potential in your business 

Create an unshakeable ‘Premium State of Mind’ so you begin confidently charging what you’re worth 

Create your new, empowering money story so you can begin making changes within yourself and powerfully claim your worth 

Begin discovering the value of your work so you can free yourself from undercharging or over delivering 

Create heartfelt, unstoppable motivation and commitment to reaching your goals and dream!

This personal coaching day is for you if you are:

  • A female entrepreneur and are ready to ready to release money blocks and stand powerfully for your value.

  • Offering packages to your clients and you are ready to scale up your prices and offerings.  For example.....Life Coaching, Social Media coaching, Yoga, Fitness, Personal Care & Beauty, Healthy eating, Retreats, workplace wellness etc.

  • Ready to get the support and do what it takes to make your business dreams a reality



I found the discussion then creation then notetaking structure very powerful. The process of coming up with my personal affirmation was taken gently and respectfully, with just the right amount of challenge to my existing, limiting, beliefs.

I also allowed myself to accept that I am on a deadline to achieving this. Part of me

felt, it’s not worth bothering with as I’m 59. Which, with Sandra’s gentle exploration

has been replaced with I can do it and starting now is good.....

...Since the VIP day I have I have signed up with a VA – which will ultimately simplify my life. I have also said‘no’ to various activities that don’t line up with my vision. Especially those that required an investment from me, for no immediate or short term benefit.  I am (mostly) ok with the price points of my services – I do occasionally wobble, and then I repeat my mantra and I am OK.

Read Alison's full testimonial HERE 

Alison Moore - Abundant Therapy Coaching 


I am being coached by Sandra on my money mindset and I love it. It is so helpful to look at that topic, one I have ignored for too long, because I was just in business to help people and focussing on money felt very well.....not spiritual.

I love how Sandra helps me get over that and embrace business and money. She has coached me trough some great excersizes and the outcomes I use as affirmations now. I really feel so much is shifting for me now since I decided to get serious about my business and money. And Sandra helps me do it and believe in it.

What I like best about Sandra is her kind and warm energy, I feel she sees me and my weak spots, but she is never harsh about it. In a loving way she stears me to being more powerful in my business (and my life for that matter, it really rubs off  )

Thanks Sandra!

Monique Coppens - Business Coach


"Money Mindset Coaching was very good as it helped me to look at my mindset around money and my conflicting views around money.

It has inspired and awaken the confidence around my own mindset and has encouraged me to create my own version of it to help my clients. It really emphasized the fire that was diming away. It has helped to clear the fog. Your style of conducting the session is very calming, pleasant and encouraging".

Kajal Kumar - Mindset Coach for Self Employed Women

Ready to get your new money story? 

You can do it.....I will help you!

Let's discuss your money mindset.....


I am an amazing Courage, Confidence, and Money Mindset Breakthrough  Business Coach, and  before  the coaching session with Sandra, I was not  very much at ease with delivering  the VIP ½ Day Training.

What I found most valuable  during our coaching session,  was the flowing connection of every step towards the outcome.

I have celebrated changing my own money story, and I know how valuable  my own coaching and services are, to my own clients.

I have been a Holistic Coach Therapist Trainer for 40 years, and coaching is my passion  and my biggest joy factor because  it impacts on,  and changes  people’s lives. That is why I joined the Money Breakthrough Business Coach programme, so that I can help my clients  enjoy effective  and clear outcomes.


Anybody thinking about coaching with Sandra, I really  recommend her, because she is very patient, caring and attentive  to the process.   Thank you so much for your kindness Saz !

Shumba Wileman - I am a Courage, Confidence, and Money  Mindset Breakthrough Business Coach for Aspiring Women  Entrepreneurs

Tonia .jpg

"Working out what my time is worth per hour was very enlightening and has really made me think about what I will spend my time on ...... since the coaching ..... I have outsourced a piece of work, which is a big personal success for me because I do usually try to do everything myself. It was a good feeling!

Read Antonia's full testimonial HERE 

Antonia Higgins - Counsellor/Trainer

hero image 2.jpg

Some doors of opportunities has been opening after our 1 st session for example I’ve been asked to provide a session via zoom.  Secondly am so as ease now with been visible especially on instagram and as a result have had few enquiries....

Read Victoria's full testimonial HERE

Victoria Dada - Psychotherapist

Some more info about your VIP DAY:


Although we will be in coaching mode, make sure you are comfy and ready to enjoy a lovey collaboration together. 

Where does the coaching takes place...and how long is the VIP day?

We will meet online using the platform Zoom.  When you book in, you will be sent a zoom link to click on at the time of your VIP day.  I have experience of using zoom with coaches who are unsure about using this platform so don't worry if tech is not your thing, i'll support you to get online.  Getting the tech fears out of the way will clear the space for a great online session!

The VIP day is 3.5 hours in total - 3 Hours of coaching and 30 minutes of breaks.

You will receive a handout ahead of time...

When you book your VIP day you will receive a handout ahead of our call in plenty of time to print it out.  It's your choice whether you print the handout or you use an online tool to fill it in. 

You will need to bring to the call....

I would advise you bring a couple of pens to use as you will be filling in the handouts as we go along.  There will be time for breaks, but I suggest that you have some water, or your favourite cuppa by your side.  As we will both be in our own locations, pets are allowed too ..... I love when I am coaching to see a little friend join in! 

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