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Alison Moore - Abundant Therapy Coaching 

What problem or challenges were you facing prior to our coaching together and

what did you want to achieve that you were excited to get coaching on?

I experience myself as self-aware, and for several months I’ve been feeling weary and disillusioned. No physical reason and I accepted this was an emotional block.  Except I didn’t know what exactly was blocked and hence knowing what to seek help with was just out of my grasp.

Seeing information on Sandra’s coaching programme got me thinking. Having worked with Sandra before, I enjoy her empowering, compassionate coaching style.

I didn’t really think ‘Money Mindset Mastery’ was going to solve my problems, I thought I understood my Money Mindset. I did know that time with Sandra would provide me with the right sort of energy and support and what’s not to lose.


Receiving the workbook in advance made me curious – this seemed to be a different approach to my previous experiences and I was very interested. I felt that whilst the subject didn’t seem to relate to my vague stuckness, the process of the session made me feel hopeful.

During our coaching together what did you find most valuable?


I found receiving the workbook in advance helpful – by printing it off, I was showing commitment to myself to be present with the process.  I found the pace of the session, including the 2 breaks just perfect. I didn’t appreciate the format and was slightly anxious beforehand – knowing in advance there would be 2 breaks would have been very helpful.

I found the discussion then creation then note taking structure very powerful. The process of coming up with my personal affirmation was taken gently and respectfully, with just the right amount of challenge to my existing, limiting, beliefs.  I also allowed myself to accept that I am on a deadline to achieving this. Part of me. felt, it’s not worth bothering with as I’m 59. Which, with Sandra’s gentle exploration has been replaced with I can do it and starting now is good.

Tell me about the successes you have already celebrated or already achieved since our coaching together.

I have signed up with a VA – which will ultimately simplify my life. I have also said ‘no’ to various activities that don’t line up with my vision. Especially those that required an investment from me, for no immediate or short term benefit.


I am (mostly) ok with the price points of my services – I do occasionally wobble, and then I repeat my mantra and I am OK.

What is a piece of advice or wisdom you want to share with someone who is thinking about coaching with me?  

Do it – especially if you are feeling lost and vulnerable and can’t show it! Working with Sandra will be a gentle, supportive yet solid experience - a great way to invest in yourself because you are worth it.

I am finding it easier to make decisions and get focus and simplicity in both my business and personal life. I am able to quickly forgive and let go of out-date-beliefs and come up with innovative ideas and actions to progress.

If you are clear that your Money Mindset needs attention then investing in the programme will reap untold rewards. And if you are not quite sure that it’s your Money Mindset that’s the sticking point, be curious and courageous – you will not be disappointed.


Stacy Hauck - Business Coach 

Sandra’s confidence and kindness as she coached me to a breakthrough in implementing a part of my business strategy was truly powerful; I could feel her in her element. 


I felt like Sandra understood me and coached me to a solution that was exactly what I needed. Sandra helped me discover the best steps in taking with my business and helped empower me to take action with confidence. 


Sandra’s successful business background makes her a perfect coach for anyone looking to upscale their business, no matter what industry you are in. 


If you are contemplating coaching with Sandra, don’t give it another thought…book your spot with her now! You will be so grateful for taking action and eliciting Sandra's help. 


Monique Coppens - Business Coach

I am being coached by Sandra on my money mindset and I love it. It is so helpful to look at that topic, one I have ignored for too long, because I was just in business to help people and focussing on money felt very well.....not spiritual.

I love how Sandra helps me get over that and embrace business and money. She has coached me trough some great excersizes and the outcomes I use as affirmations now. I really feel so much is shifting for me now since I decided to get serious about my business and money. And Sandra helps me do it and believe in it.

What I like best about Sandra is her kind and warm energy, I feel she sees me and my weak spots, but she is never harsh about it. In a loving way she stears me to being more powerful in my business (and my life for that matter, it really rubs off  )

Thanks Sandra!


Kajal Kumar - Mindset Coach 

Money Mindset Coaching was very good as it helped me to look at my mindset around money and my conflicting views around money.

It has inspired and awaken the confidence around my own mindset and has encouraged me to create my own version of it to help my clients. It really emphasized the fire that was diming away. It has helped to clear the fog. Your style of conducting the session is very calming, pleasant and encouraging


Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

I recently had a money breakthrough session with Sandra and it was really enlightening. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how much can actually be achieved in 1 hour, but I was pleasantly surprised. 


Although I’d already done some money mindset work, I’ve recently noticed some self-sabotaging behaviour creeping in and felt stuck which was affecting my business. 


Talking with Sandra helped me pinpoint a hefty block that I’d not identified before and shared a couple of simple but powerful exercises to shift this.  This was so valuable, and since our call I’ve been focusing more on clearing it. 


Since the session I’ve been turning over what we discussed I now know what I need to do to keep moving forward and past this to keep growing my business. 


Sandra is such a warm and compassionate person, I felt completely at ease and felt I could trust her completely.


If you’re thinking of having a money breakthrough session with Sandra, I’d say go for it. Who knows what blocks you could shift, and what success - and income - you could have as a result


Karen Revell - Business & Money Coach

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, money issues will always arise and show you where you need to do more work.

I reached out to Sandra when I noticed some emotional stuff around money coming up and I’m so glad I did.

Through her deep questioning and gentle probing she helped me get to the crux of a family dynamic that had me reach a certain money level and then draw back, so it was really impacting my business growth.

I found Sandra gentle and supportive in holding the space for me to go deep into my past and find the source of the problem and the beliefs I had attached to it. She really helped me gain clarity around the situation so that I could do the work to break free of the belief and move forward.

If you are having money blocks or have reached a money ceiling in your business, I highly recommend working with Sandra to move you through it.


Sarah McCalden - Business Coach

I did a Branding with Archetypes VIP Day with Sandra and it was AMAZING!! I got even clearer on my messaging and realised, through Sandra's coaching, that my Branding Archetypes, Romantic and Sage really are me. I had been finding it tricky to resonate with the Romantic, which is my Signature Archetype.


But through Sandra's skillful coaching I realised that there are so many things about me, and the way I think that are a part of the Romantic Archetype, I just hadn't been able to see the wood for the trees. I have already implemented a few of the touchpoints we discussed during our session and I feel like my brand is so much stronger than before. Thank you so much Sandra


Antonia Higgins - Counsellor/Trainer


What problem or challenges were you facing prior to our coaching together and

what did you want to achieve that you were excited to get coaching on?

Thinking about my worth as a coach and wondering whether what I could offer would have value for people.

During our coaching together what did you find most valuable?

Working out what my time is worth per hour was very enlightening and has really made me think about what I will spend my time on.


Tell me about the successes you have already celebrated or already achieved since our coaching together.

I have a pilot of a programme that is helping a coaching client move forward and achive results in growing their practice. I have outsourced a piece of work, which is a big personal success for me because I do usually try to do everything myself. It was a good feeling!

Why has coaching been a great decision for you?

Coaching helped me focus on what I want to do and gave me a clearer view of what I need to think about to achieve my success. It has helped me recognise that I have valuable knowledge to offer other therapists to help them succeed in their own practices.

What is a piece of advice or wisdom you want to share with someone who is thinking about coaching with Sandra?  

Do it! Even if you feel a bit sceptical about the benefits of coaching for you in your business I would bet that you will get something from it that is useful and will make you think differently about your value and your ability.