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5 Mistakes Female Coaches Make When Pricing Their Services

You have an amazing programme for your clients and you know you can offer transformation. That's why you are coaching right?

Then when it's time to either start selling your coaching package or selling it at your new increased prices, all of the voices in your head seem to take over. They say to you:

- You can't charge that

- People wont pay for that

- Who do you think you are offering a high-end priced package?

If this is where you are at right now .... you more than likely will be making one or more of the mistakes below.

They are not in order of importance, but they are a list of what holds coaches back from creating income and freedom in their business.

1 - Undercharging

Unfortunately a lot of female coaches are undercharging, discounting or giving away too much coaching for free. Continually undercharging can start to undermine your credibility and your own confidence, plus it keeps you from being profitable enough to thrive in your coaching business, which means a lot more hustle and grind. (Let's face it no one wants that!)

People who pay pay attention! So avoiding undercharging, you’re telling the world you believe in the results & transformation your coaching can make in the lives of your clients and in turn your clients will get success because they buy into your belief too through your programme they have invested in.

2 - Forgetting the VALUE your coaching offers

Your coaching package takes your client from where they are now, to where they want to be. This is PRICELESS for clients. Think about the transformation this makes to your clients, relationships, health, income and many more areas in their life!

Offer coaching packages that obsessively focus on the specific results & transformation you’ll create with your clients. This allows you to stop undercharging. If you are forgetting the transformation you offer, grab a pen and paper and start writing 30 results your clients get from working with you. (Don't stop until you get to 30!).

3 - Using the word Pricing, cost & discount

Think about what things you use the words pricing and cost for. Mostly it's for commodities we purchase. Your coaching is not a commodity.

Your clients want to thrive and you know that investing in a coach helps clients to flourish. By holding a more positive belief that your fees are an investment (not a cost) you'll be owning your worth. You will also be keeping your client's mindset where it should be: on the actual results and transformation they will experience from going through your coaching programme with you, rather than the price.

4 - Deciding what your client can and cannot afford

By doing this you are unconsciously limiting your client's potential. When your client understand the value of what you are offering, it's their choice to decide if they are willing to make the effort to find the investment in order to obtain that transformation in there life.

It's true some clients will be able to afford to pay you full pay up front right away, and good for them. It is also true some client's may not have the money right now, but they are willing to make adjustments to be able to avail themselves of your transformation.

You will not be for everyone and that's okay. But when clients choose to step out of their comfort zone and commit at higher level they show up, they value you and create success for themselves!

5 - Undervaluing themselves

Whether you are a new coaching or you have been coaching for a have not just arrived here!! Think about the amazing things you have been able to achieve in your personal and business life. Your clients are investing in that!

You are not who you are today without everything that has come before for you! So I invite you to stop a minute, grab that paper again and put the timer on for 5 minutes......start writing as fast as you can everything you have achieved. I promise you 5 minutes will not be nearly enough time!! Stop undervaluing what you take to your coaching. Your client's investment to your coaching is reflected in this.

Please remember: High ticket pricing is valuing you and your client's transformation at the highest level

It's time for you to start valuing yourself more! Leaning in on the TRANSFORMATION you are offering rather then worrying about the figure you are putting on your coaching.

Download my Pricing Do's & Dont's for Coaches below so that you can create more income and time freedom in your life with your coaching

I would like to leave you with some simple yet powerful beliefs for your coaching pricing. Write these on a card and refer to them daily. This will help you as you offer your contest your high end coaching packages:

- The value of my work is in the outcomes I create

- Premium prices create greater commitment and better results


(If you are reading this and thinking "Yes I know I could be charging more ... but I just can't seem to step into higher pricing, don't worry I have something to help you - CLICK HERE to find out more)


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