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How To Feel Confident When Discussing Your Pricing In Discovery Calls

If you are a coach and offer a great transformation for your client… But for some reason when you get to talking about the investment on discovery calls… and all of your insecurities join in and you feel rubbish, don't worry as this is natural. It’s not always easy to talk about money and your clients investing their money in your offer.

What do you want to remember is that your client is investing in… Themselves… Oh yes, it’s not all about you!

Tips to make it so naturally for you to talk about the money part in your Coaching Discovery Call:

- Always start your conversation about your client ... what do they want ... what is their vision and their why. Discuss how amazing they will feel when they finally get to ____________ (your package promise)

- Then ask questions like: What are you feeling most excited about right now? (Based on what you are discussing about their why and their vision) Hypothetically, if we decide to work together and we achieve everything outlined in our conversation, what would that be worth to you?

- Before you start to discuss the investment you can showcase how your offer will help them achieve their vision

- Ask them just before you discuss the investment, if they have any questions.

- Then discuss the investment of your coaching ....for them to achieve the transformation they are so excited about

- It's then completely up to your client to decide if they want to invest in this transformation you are offering. REMEMBER Whatever they decide, is not a reflection of YOU ... it's about what they want and their priorities!

- Your responsibility is to show up 100% committedto their success! If they accept your offer, thats great if they decline that's great too because they have made a decision and that is what the call is for.

- When you show up with this kind of energy .... you don't drive yourself mad! You enjoy meeting new people, talking about what you do best and find amazing clients who what to coach with you!


A really successful discovery call, is when you completely focus on your client, what they want, what they need, and how they are feeling.

Bring this energy to your discovery calls so that you show up with confidence and feel the IMPACT you are making!

If you are currently feeling unsure about your discovery calls and talking about your pricing… Please DM me over on Instagram and let’s chat @sandrawilsoncoaching


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