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High-End Coaching Packages For More Income & Ease

It's time .... for you to generate more income and greater ease in your coaching business. You can do this with high-end Package offers.

You know you have transformational coaching to offer your clients and you are ready to double your income and sign on more clients with ease. Yet, the fact that you are reading this post means that you are probably not yet offering a high-end package and or are charging by the hour or for chunks of your time ... you are in the right place .... read on!!

As a female coach or service provider, you can be earning more with more time freedom when your package offer becomes a suite of high-end offers.

BUT don't worry ..... if you are thinking .... I don't have anything that can be offered as high-end package are probably wrong.

I believe you are absolutely well placed and ready to start offering high-end packages because your service is undoubtably already worth more than you are charing right now! (It's just a fact that's true for most female coaches).

And remember your clients' investment is not based on your worth (you are priceless), it's based on the skills and experience that you bring to your coaching that can create a high powered transformation for your client.

So let's think about how you can create a suite of high-end packages with the coaching you already offer.

4 Types of High-End Packages to Create

VIP DAYS (One-day intensives) This is for clients who are ready to take action on one area of their business and together on your one-day intensive you can create amazing breakthroughs for them in this area.

90 Day Package - For clients who are either not ready to invest in a longer-term coaching commitment or need to focus on one area in particular. 90 days is a really nice period of time that creates impact and transformation for your client.

6 Months Package - For a longer-term investment, this package suits clients who are looking for transformation and accountability over a period of time. They may have particular goals they are looking to achieve and they may also simply need your support as they continue in business. This package is the best in my opinion as both of you connect powerfully over a period of time and amazing results get to happen for your client when they know they have long term support. When they complete with you after the 6 months ..... it will be a sure thing usually that they will value your coaching so much that they continue with you as a client.

12 Months Package - Some breakthroughs can happen overnight for particular areas in business, however, getting support for a full year allows clients to take a breath and know that they will be supported by you as their coach through challenges and breakthroughs over a full year. This is your most high-end part of your coaching and clients who sign up for your 12-month coaching are really ready to enjoy that support and accountability as they grow in whatever capacity you are coaching them in.

Within your package to make it high-end you can consider including:

- High vibe kickstart call to get your client engaged and energised right from day 1

- VIP intro day to your longer-term coaching

- Email support

- Text support

- Phone Support

- Physical copies of your workbooks if appropriate

- Resources they can use in their own time

- ......and you may have some more ideas

(This list is not compulsory for a high-end offer but you can see how valuable it makes your offer, in turn your client can also see the benefit of investing more in a high-end package with you)

You Make It Work For You!

It's important at this point to say that you need to have a think and work out what works for your coaching as a high-end packaging offer. You may like doing a VIP day along with offering 6-month coaching following form that. Or you initially prefer to offer 90 days coaching with the opportunity for your client to sign on for a further coaching investment. You get to decide what suits you and your style of coaching.

The ease of high-end package comes with the fact that you are not constantly creating new offers for each client you sign on. You already have a suite of offers ready and after talking to your potential client you can decide which is best for them. It may be that your VIP day for example is a quick win for them at a lower investment and form someone else a longer-term invest of a 6-month programme is more suitable.

You already have everything set up and ready to go when you are on your discover calls .... and yes once you start coaching the implementation may vary depending on clients ... but the structure and the framework already exists for you to enjoy without worrying about what you will offer.

Start Creating/Pricing Your High-End Package Today

Okay .... so if you don't yet have your high-end packages sorted out, get ready to start creating offers that are going to create ease and income to your coaching business. A tip to remember: you don't need to cram every single thing you have ever learned into the package....good news! The value for your client is in the transformation they are getting and your coaching and support along with that!! So the need to overdeliver slips away.

If you are still a little unsure about how to go about building this framework ... Let's get on a call and discuss where you are right now and how you can develop your programme - CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR CALL

If you do have all of your packages and offers but you are thinking .... "I would like to double my income this year".... the chances are you are ready to raise your pricing and because you have not done that yet ... what I find is that there are some mindsets that are holding you back from charging what you really want to charge as you know what your offer is worth. So for you, I would suggest you download my Pricing Do's & Dont's for Female Coaches HERE so that you can create more income with pricing that reflects your offers.

I am such a stand for your success and thanks for always making an IMPACT!!


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