I coach female entrepreneurs to open up to incredible & expansive possibilities!


"I believe everything starts and grows from how we think about ourselves.  To be successful and grow our business we HAVE to believe we are good enough!  If you are still trying to figure this part of you out, trust me you are not alone!"  - Sandra 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You know you’ve been undercharging and over-delivering, and you wish you had someone to help you feel confident about pricing your services authentically

You love what you do but aren’t certain how to organize your expertise into client-attracting packages

You crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion, positioning you to powerfully stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd

You feel in your heart that your mindset about money could definitely benefit from a makeover

If this is YOU then it’s time to transform what feels overwhelming in your business into everyday easy, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for you.


Mindset leads ..... action follows

You will be amazed at what a shift in your MONEY MINDSET does for your business and your life!  


It's time to start making the shift!  The first piece of coaching I do with my clients is to reset their limiting beliefs around money, charging and worth......Use the button below to find out more

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Think for a minute how it would feel to have your business transformed into the business you dream of, giving you the lifestyle of your choice

I'm Sandra, a Money Breakthrough Business Coach for female entrepreneurs. I work alongside business owners just like you to help you transform the coaching business you created into a thriving business you love!

I know the feeling of having a great offer for your clients, yet at the same time, the difficult struggle of knowing HOW to create the business offer and make the money you deserve.

Growing a coaching business isn't easy, which can leave you feeling confused, scared and sometimes completely overwhelmed.

You can work with me, a Money Breakthrough Business Coach for female coaches to help get you into action right away.  You will start to transform your business, your income and at the same time your mindset for life!