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Relax into your pricing, serve more clients and free yourself from the money stress


Join us for our 21 days programme and get confident and relaxed in your sales conversations.

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Because you do know that you are good at what you do. And when you are talking to a potential client, you do feel that happy surge of “OMG I can help you with this!” but when it comes to the practicals, the mentioning of choke up. You know you shouldn’t, you wish you wouldn’t because it is costing you sales. And what’s worse, it prevents the client from getting that help they need from you.

Isn’t it time to tackle this problem? To relax into selling, into your pricing, into your worth?

We’re here to help!

We’re two coaches who have experienced this problem ourselves and we are so looking forward to supporting you to charge what you are worth and to help you build a thriving business with consistent income.

We feel it is really important to build a business that is an energetic match for who you are, that you don’t feel like you are doing stuff that’s sleazy. And of course, we really want to do it in a relaxed way.


Stressing out and working overtime is so passé you know ;)


We are not really in the business of selling courses, we want to create a movement of beautiful souls who want to relax into business, change the world and get paid handsomely so that life can be enjoyed to the fullest.


And we want you to join us.  


Monique Coppens

Sandra Wilson .JPG

Sandra Wilson

(You can read more about us further down this page)


What we are offering you is a really HIGH IMPACT course that is easy, not time-consuming and has relaxation, practical tips and empowering coaching built into it!


And all of that for a very, very juicy price, because we are trying out our tech and process of delivering this programme as a group.  The coaching is not new as we both deliver this 1:1 with clients.  We are excited to try out a powerful way to coach this programme as a group.  

So, you want to:

  • Have sales conversations being comfortable and relaxed talking about money?

  • Not have to do it all on your own?

  • Fully relax and enjoy talking to potential clients

  • Stop repelling interest with your nervous energy?

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What's included in the programme?

We will meet as a group together on Zoom.  

This programme is made up of 3 LIVE coaching calls.... on these calls we will work on:

  • Regulating and relaxing the body and the energy​

  • Standing in the truth of your value

  • The practical tools to smoothen the sales process

During the calls, there will be space for connection, coaching and support.  We will be covering powerful mindset conversations that will allow you to change the way you value yourself and the amazing work you do. 

During the course, you can ask questions and share about your journey in our private Facebook group.

Having both Sandra & Monique as coaches taking you through this short yet impactful programme together is very powerful.  Both have a passion for you to succeed, have unique backgrounds and are both certified as Money Breakthrough Business Coaches.

...And We Have Marvellous Bonuses For You:

  • Yummy templates and checklists to help you set your prices and to structure your sales conversations

  • A wonderful relaxing Yoga Nidra meditation that you can do whenever you like

  • A downloadable Colour My Business E-Book to relax and set in powerful mindsets for your business

  • On the call coaching and feedback in the group for these three weeks

  • Free access to the membership program we will open up on September 21st! That is correct, be the first to join and profit from the movement we are building!

So .... what do you need to do now?​

Sign up now and start your journey of powerful sales conversations, easily talking about your pricing, and being completely relaxed while you build the business you love!

Image by Amy Shamblen


  • MP3 and colouring E-Book is sent out on July 8th

  • Course Facebook group opens on July 8th

  • Friday calls Dates: 15 – 22 – 29 July

  • Friday Calls Time: UK: 09:30 – 11:00 EUROPE: 10:30 – 12:00. 

​This is a great program for you is you are:

  • A service provider who is having trouble charging what they're worth and being able to see physically say it. 

  • Interested in having a complete shift in mindset in how they perceive the sales process and having conversations with clients

Warning though: But we're not in the business of convincing people that there is an energetic component to this sales process and that a mindset shift and energy work is needed. We work with people for who this is a given, or who are willing and excited to try it out and explore this. In short: newbies welcome, naysayers stay away. 

Meet Your Relax Into Business Coaches

Monique Coppens


Let’s be honest: building your business can be a struggle.

Especially when you are a conscious entrepreneur who’s all about helping others heal and thrive. How do you build a business that serves your people, feels aligned with you, and makes you do the happy dance about your income every month?

Yes, you can google your way into business nowadays, there is lots of free how-to knowledge available, but it can also be very confusing. And showing up with your services is easier than ever with social media, but it can also really trigger and traumatize you and make you want to hide away forever in a cave of blankets. Or just quit. And let’s not even talk about how hard it can be to charge money for what you love doing: Helping people. Oh, how to be ethical with that!

Yep. It can be a struggle. I know, I’ve been there and I have found my way. And with my knowledge and skilss in business coaching and marketing combined with my background in research psychology, life coaching and yoga I can offer a unique blend of support. I can go all strategic with you, but I also recognize where there is inner work needed.

So …. Let’s ditch the struggle and make this business journey a great path of transformation.


I would be so honoured to be your guide.

Sandra Wilson

I am a stand for business owners to stand in the power of their own unique value! 

I believe everything starts and grows from how we think about ourselves.  To be successful and grow our business we HAVE to believe we are good enough!  If you are still trying to figure this part of you out, trust me you are not alone and I am delighted to support you in upgrading your mindset!

For more than a decade, I have co-owned and operated a successful online business which I co-founded with my brother providing Continuing Professional Development training for therapists and counsellors.  Our team now do an amazing job at creating everything we vision for the business as we grow. 

Sandra Wilson .JPG

Need support?  Contact us at

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