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VIP Days are a great business strategy no matter what stage your business is at right now.  Make VIP Days your go-to offer and add income to your business right away. 


Included in this Ebook is:

- Your step by step guide for deciding how your VIP Day will run 

- Minute by minute outline for how to structure your VIP Day

- How to make your offer of working with you after your VIP day

- What to do once your VIP Day has ended 

- Aha & What's next sheets to use for your VIP Days to outline client breakthroughs 


A VIP Day experience can be a half day (3.5 hours) or a full day (5 hours).  It is time spent with your client to create a breakthrough on one specific area.  You and your clients will LOVE it!


  • VIP Days Help You Create Cash Quickly For Your business With just one conversation you can sign on a new VIP day client.
  • Offer VIP Days Between Your Freebie And Your Higher End Program It's something easy for clients to say yes to.
  • An Easy Offer at Networking Events

    Make a VIP day offer to work with you at networking events without needing a discovery call.

  • Use VIP Days As A Bridge Offer For Your Clients.

    A VIP Day with you gives your clients the opportunity to get a taster of your coaching without investing in your longer High-End programme.


It's your time to create a V.I.P. Day experience!



  • As soon as you make your purchase you will receive a copy of the E-Book to your email. 

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