My name is Sandra, I am a Money Breakthrough Business Coach. I passionately strengthen women business owners' confidence by nourishing their self belief and the possibility to live they life they desire and deserve. I am a stand for women in business believing they are good enough no matter what! My expertise is in showing others how they can create this self belief in themselves. Limiting self belief can be such a pain, believe me I absolutely have been there! Maybe like me, people have said to you "but you look full of confidence".....or "You look like you have it all together" and thats absolutely true. We do look like that.....but feeling it inside is a different matter. I have worked hard over the years to bring my feelings of myself inside to match my capabilities that people see. This is what I bring to our coaching sessions. I can see your possibility in belief as I have done it for myself. This is where I start with my coaching ... we work on your mindset to get you set up to do ANYTHING you want to do. Then we work on - Matching your brand to YOU - Finding your niche for success - Setting your signature system ® - Building your irresistible packages - Matching your pricing to suit your offer - Getting comfortable signing on clients Its a beautiful programme that leaves you with the confidence that your business is in exactly the right place for it to grow and blossom. ___________________ Just a little bit about how I work ....... I offer the above programme in a 6 month package. I meet clients online in Zoom. This offers freedom to both of us as we can be anywhere without having to spend time traveling to a particular place to meet. I also offer the above programme as one day intensives. So we can work together for a full day or half a day on something specific you want coaching on. ✨ It's my belief that investing in yourself will be a tremendous asset to your business. ____________________ If you have any questions, you can either send them via the messenger on this page or you can use the contact form on my website above. ✨ Here's to possibility! Take care Sandra

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