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Our Money Breakthrough method session will reveal and heal a deeply routed disempowering belief that you have been unconsciously hanging onto regarding money.  Everyone struggles with money blocks at some point.  In a single coaching session, you will get the gift of freedom from these money blocks! 


Money beliefs are attached at a deep soul level to who we think we are in the world.   So every time you want to uplevel, change something or reach a new level and wonder why you are stuck there, a MBM session will release these blocks.  Money stuff needs to be worked on constantly! 



  • It's a simple framework to help you make a leap forward right away

  • Belief work is at the heart of making a money breakthrough 

  • Money work is like layers.... you need to keep peeling back to get to the centre quickly and efficiently


You will start to make breakthroughs that will help you step into the next level of your business!

Most women have subconscious blocks to making significant income or keeping a significant portion of the money they work so hard to create.   No matter what that external situation is it's the internal beliefs that will rule every time because beliefs have that power.

If you want to change what you are experiencing in your business, the very first action is to press RESET on your money beliefs. 


(we meet for 60 mins then we meet again for 30 minutes)

I would love to meet you and coach you to a new money belief! 

Investment £127


But let's chat over coffee first to see if this is the right next step for you.  

My Client's Feedback after their session


I did a session with Sandra in which we explored what is blocking me in making money in my business and this is stuff I have explored and healed before, so I was quite curious to see how it would feel to work with Sandra on this.  


We worked on my experience that "Making money in my business is hard and difficult". And wow, did we go places with that. I feel I uncovered where this idea came from and was very much surprised to find I got into this mindset to feel loved. I know this may sound vague, but it was really a profound experience, it felt like the minute I got more clear on where this belief came from and why it was there....that it lost it's power over me. I have better ways to feel loved! 


We ended up creating a great new mantra for me that felt so true. I really feel a lot has opened up for me now. I can see how I have held myself back and how I can open up to more ease and flow now.

Monique Coppens - Business Coach 


I recently had a money breakthrough session with Sandra and it was really enlightening. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how much can actually be achieved in 1 hour, but I was pleasantly surprised. 


Although I’d already done some money mindset work, I’ve recently noticed some self-sabotaging behaviour creeping in and felt stuck which was affecting my business. 


Talking with Sandra helped me pinpoint a hefty block that I’d not identified before and shared a couple of simple but powerful exercises to shift this.  This was so valuable, and since our call I’ve been focusing more on clearing it. 


Since the session I’ve been turning over what we discussed I now know what I need to do to keep moving forward and past this to keep growing my business. 


Sandra is such a warm and compassionate person, I felt completely at ease and felt I could trust her completely.


If you’re thinking of having a money breakthrough session with Sandra, I’d say go for it. Who knows what blocks you could shift, and what success - and income - you could have as a result

Jane Travis - Grow Your Private Practice

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, money issues will always arise and show you where you need to do more work.

I reached out to Sandra when I noticed some emotional stuff around money coming up and I’m so glad I did.

Through her deep questioning and gentle probing she helped me get to the crux of a family dynamic that had me reach a certain money level and then draw back, so it was really impacting my business growth.

I found Sandra gentle and supportive in holding the space for me to go deep into my past and find the source of the problem and the beliefs I had attached to it. She really helped me

gain clarity around the situation so that I could do the work to break free of the belief and move forward.

If you are having money blocks or have reached a money ceiling in your business, I highly recommend working with Sandra to move you through it.

Karen Revell - Business & Money Coach

Having grown up in a family where lack of money created a lot of tension my own attitude to money, earning money, charging for my time and services felt uncomfortable. I had a belief that being financially comfortable was for other people, not me and my family. I’ve recently developed an online resource that helps people to understand and recover from anxiety. Although I would have felt comfortable selling a book in a bookshop, I felt uncomfortable charging for something on the internet, even though in essence, the online resource is more comprehensive than a book could be.  My excitement about publicising the resource was marred by my discomfort around asking people to pay for it.

Working with Sandra was the most interesting experience. We explored the roots of my belief that money is for other people and looked at how it had impacted my life. It was quite an emotional experience but Sandra was so supportive and encouraged me to explore the belief further and through her skilful guidance the belief started to feel less important. Later Sandra sent me a template to complete in my own time. As I reflected and answered the questions I felt the last of the negative emotions fade away.

What I’ve noticed since, is that there is a sense of the absence of a problem. The discomfort has gone. It feels as though it wasn’t really my issue, just something I learn to believe and now I don’t.

This has allowed me to comfortably launch my resource and to engage a marketing expert to help me to promote it properly instead of holding back and hoping it’s just quietly discovered.


Asking Sandra to coach me was a big decision, but a good one. I feel greatly supported by the work we’ve done, and really excited to have her there to help me to navigate new and exciting territory in this stage of my professional life.

I would say to anyone considering the idea of receiving coaching from Sandra, especially in relation to financial limitations that may be holding you back, to just leap a the chance. I wish I’d asked for help years ago instead of carrying around an obstacle to my own financial freedom and security, as many women in business seem to. Freedom to be paid well for our work and time is liberating. It’s good for us, our families and our clients. I highly recommend it.

Gillian Batty

Let's press RESET on your money beliefs.